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dye lot number on yarn

If you can’t find another skein with the same dye lot number, or if the yarn has No Dye Lot on the label, I recommend trying to go online to find the yarn. When we assign a dye lot number the main use is to identify which skeins can be labeled and packed together. The amount of water, temperature, dye content, and amount of time the fiber is in the dye bath all contribute to the slight variations between dye lots. I’m going to teach you about that today. Once you have purchased your yarn, it can be very difficult for the store to go back and match dye lots for you. Figure out your yarn yardage and check your labels to see how many yards you will need before you buy that amount. My comments to Erin about this problem may help you. | Privacy Policy | Terms. If you just abruptly add the new dye lot you will often see a line where you added the new yarn. Tips for Making Safer, Longer-Lasting Crochet Toys. If you need a little more yarn to finish a project, we should be able to match the yarn you purchased originally, though dye lots vary somewhat. What do I do? If you crochet, it’s bound to happen every so often. If you have any information that we can share, please let me know in the comments below! Unfortunately, due to the popularity of many of our yarns, dye lots frequently sell out quickly and we might not have the requested lot number in stock. The differences from one dye lot to another can be very subtle and hardly visible, or extremely noticeable. All of the yarn in one batch will be the exact same color and will have the same dye lot number on the label. First, let’s talk about how yarns are dyed and how dyelots are assigned. The yarn industry dyes yarns with very specific formulas, but each batch can be slightly different and that is the reason they label each batch with a dye lot number. Color and dye lot information can most commonly be found near to the UPC code on mass market yarns like Patons, Red Heart or Lion Brand Yarn. Wrap yourself in comfort and luxury! If you need a specific dye lot to match previously purchased yarn, please let us know in your order notes and we will do our best to honor your request. If you are shopping for yarn online, many websites will put the dye lot number in the product description. Even though the same formula is used each time, Each batch has a dye lot number and purchasing yarn from the same batch ensures that the color will be exactly the same. If you are knitting or crocheting a project that requires more than one ball or skein of yarn, it is important to make sure all of the yarn comes from the same dye lot. Dye lots are the numbers yarn suppliers give to the yarn dyed at the same time. No dye lot yarn should therefore be the same color from skein to skein. Always try to stick with the same brand and product line that you were using before if you can. Then when you begin adding the new yarn with the new dye lot, leave enough yarn of old dye lot to do at least 3-4 rows or rounds. If adding a new dye lot is just too unsightly, consider changing your design; you might make a smaller afghan or turn a cardigan into a vest or crochet a shorter scarf. If the dye lots are just slightly off to your eye, leave enough yarn of the old dye lot to crochet about 6-10 rows. The dye lot tells you which batch of dyed yarn this particular hank is from. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you accept the terms of our privacy policy. Even though the same formula is used each time, every batch of yarn is assigned a different dye lot number. We try to purchase brand name yarns from distributors in sufficient quantities to insure that we will have a large number of skeins from the same dye lot. In knit or crochet, the drape of Caron Simply Soft makes it the right choice for garments and throws alike. Typical dyelots will range from 300-800 yards at a time based on the weight of the yarn, the type of yarns used, and the dye tub size. The dye lot is stamped on this yarn’s label, but sometimes dye lots will be printed on labels. And even finding a dye lot with similar numbers or codes does not guarantee it will match. For this skein the color is Cherry Red, the article number is E300, and the color is 0319. On yarn that uses dye lots, the lot number will be located on the label. This is for colors that are typically the same color for each batch without much variation. Do you have any tips and tricks about yarn dye lots? The colors of two different dye lots may look the same under certain lights and … Some colors, however, are no dye lot yarn, which means that the yarn is spun from fiber that is already colored. And when you are working on a large project, even the slightest variation in color could completely change the look of your design.

How To Make Showbread, What Are Coyotes Afraid Of, Professional English In Use Engineering, Subject 2 Contract Template, Schwarzkopf Bodifying Mousse Review, Questions To Ask Yourself When Writing A Poem,