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retention in a sentence

Or “weekly” and “week” and so on. Research has shown that the highest rate of nitrogen retention is achieved with 100% whey protein. Cell in process of karyokinetic division with retention of the nucleolus during the division. substratum surface roughness on the retention of microorganisms. The act of retaining or the condition of being retained: the retention of nutrients in the soil; the retention of jobs in the city. The retention list of example sentences with retention. 0. Although it has the deciduous dentition, Mme Pavlow considers herself justified in referring the Kherson skull to the genus Procamelus previously known only from the Lower Pliocene or Upper Miocene strata of North America, and differing from modern camels, among other features, by the retention of a fuller series of premolar teeth. Each row is related to a player’s activity in one day. The inflammation can result in urine retention which in turn can cause bladder, urethra and kidney infection. However are not march cross-section snapshot population with less retention of eligible. The Ottawa river was chosen as the main boundary between them, but the retention by Lower Canada of the seigneuries of New Longueuil and Vaudreuil, on the western side of the river, is a curious instance of the triumph of social and historical conditions over geographical. A parallel case is the retention of small quantities of water soluble substances in the soil. It causes fluid retention (edema); dry, peeling skin; and hair discoloration. In these cases, retention is usually carried out with the knowledge and support of the student and his family and is not likely to carry a social stigma, as would be the case if the retention were for academic reasons. Dentatus Titanium Posts - Surface treated for improved retention. Find more words at! Excessive amounts of creatine may cause water retention. The retention by women in Europe of the tropical garb can be explained by the fact that her sphere has been mainly confined to the house, and her life has been less active than that of man; consequently the adoption of the arctic dress has been in her case less necessary. Mostly Ghanaian News stresses cultural retention and investing back into the home country. 2. She has gained a lot of weight recently, but the doctor says it is just water retention caused by a side effect of the medication she is on. All the sweat retention rashes are also more likely to occur in hot, humid weather. Academic English Words List and Example Sentences h; (2) the retention of s between vowels; (3) the change of medial and initial d to 1; (4) the retention of medial f which became in Latin b or d; and (5) the change of Ind.-Eur. Without water retention the land becomes baked. This explains the retention of Italy, imposed on the Directory from 1796 onward, followed by his criminal treatment of Venice, the foundation of the Cisalpine republica foretaste of future annexatiofis the restoration of that republic after his return from Egypt, and in view of his as yet inchoate designs, the postponed solution of the Italian problem which the treaty of Lunville bad raised. To reinterpret all these features as mere symbols, the lumber of ancient days, is to avoid the problem of their introduction into the Temple, and to assume an advance of popular thought which is not confirmed by the retention and fresh developments of the old ideas both in the pseudepigraphical literature and in the literature of Rabbinical Judaism.'. It’s different from customer acquisition or lead generation because you’ve already converted the customer at least once. 0 Urgent detention of acquitted persons Section 134: power of court to detain acquitted persons 259. The following 201Tl indices were calculated: early uptake ratio, delayed uptake ratio, washout rate and retention index. The invention provides that a sensor is present for recognizing a change in the retensioning device, said sensor being connected to an analysis unit via a sensor line. This helps determine the research data's value and how it should be managed throughout its lifecycle. Urogenital tract Rare: urinary retention, urinary incontinence. The parent's consent has gone and the retention becomes wrongful. Examples of student retention in a sentence, how to use it. The deeper the mulch, the better job it does at water retention and weed prevention. 3. shrinking the prostate brought benefits like reducing the diagnosis of benign prostatic hyperplasia, and urinary retention and need for surgery. Do you not consider that to be an attraction that would justify the retention of derating? A strong movement was set on foot for the " retention of Uganda," and on the 10th of December Lord Rosebery despatched Sir Gerald Portal to report on the Portal's best means of dealing with the country, and a Mission. The UN will vote on the retention of sanctions against Iraq. A similar poll last year showed 52 percent favoured. Oihenart published in 1625 a Declaration historique de l'injuste usurpation et retention de la Navarre par les Espagnols and a fragment of a Latin work on the same subject is included in Galland's Memoires pour l'histoire de Navarre (1648). "How to resolve stool retention in a child. It is difficult to separate the effects of retention and the influence of other socioeconomic and family factors that affect children. Into this I mix vermiculite to help with moisture retention. He was a distinguished educationist who fought for the retention of the Latin classics in the schools and instituted the celebrated catechetical method of St Sulpice. With this in mind, I led a team that looked at ways to boost retention, with particular focus on the early period. No matter how many contests and appreciation luncheons you hold, if your workers do not feel comfortable in their work place, your employee retention will be low. CoolMax is able to fix the common issue of heat retention. Find more ways to say retention, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. He opens with an attack on " the rather hysterical reaction of successive health secretaries " over PM organ retention. Environment is a big factor in color retention. - First, pension systems… English words and Examples of Usage use "retention" in a sentence The retention of information is aided by repetition. The time must eventually arrive when the Boers will be in a small minority, as the country is very sparsely peopled; and would it not therefore be a very near-sighted policy to recede now from the position we have taken up here, simply because for some years to come the retention of 2000 or 3000 troops may be necessary to reconsolidate our power. 4. It was well known that proper names are usually transcribed from one language into another with a tolerably close retention of their original sounds. Reduced absenteeism, increased staff retention, improved productivity. the power of being hardened by sudden cooling, because the essence of this hardening is the retention of the (3 state. This may be due to the retention of secretions in the vagina. b : the holding in place of a tooth or dental … Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. On Baboosh, the website itself explains that wearing a wrap is thought to reduce the size of the uterus and reduce water retention in the belly, all the while helping the wearer to lose inches fast! Sentence examples for retention from inspiring English sources. On the other hand, Honda Odysseys are famous for their excellent reliability and impressive value retention. retention of urine in new-born babies due to shock of fast labor. retention of an ultimate deterrent or ultimate guarantee of national security is a political given - but its scale is not. It’s different from customer acquisition or lead generation because you’ve already converted the customer at least once. The clients representative will sign the building off, thus releasing final retention monies. They supported the retention of a strong central government. Water retention - You could gain 3 to 5 pounds during the first week after you stop smoking. That might provide a suitable model for obtaining consent to organ retention. Another word for retention. This arbitrary retention of Tacna and Arica, which became the province of Tacna under Chilean administration, removed the frontier still farther north, to the river Sama, which separates that province from the remaining part of the Peruvian department of Moquegua. How To Use Retention In A Sentence? For weed control and moisture retention, apply at least three inches of mulch. Enjoy also the retention of breath. Even though Jake was a millionaire, he avoided hanging out with pretentious people who liked to flaunt their wealth The Stenopidea, another primitive group, differing from the Penaeidea in the character of the gills,, appear in the Trias and Jurassic. In the autumn of 1907, however, as the latter's retention of office became more and more improbable, it became evident that no other possible successor had equal qualifications. The Rotifera are characterized by the retention of what appears in Molluscs and Chaetopods as an embryonic organ, the velum or ciliated prae-oral girdle, as a locomotor and foodseizing apparatus, and by the reduction of the muscular parapodia to a rudimentary or non-existent condition in all present surviving forms except Pedalion. Typically, pills that contain higher doses of estrogen will be more likely to cause weight gain due to fluid retention. Among many Oligochaeta the dorsal blood-vessel is partly or entirely a double tube, which is a retention of a character shown by F. He was forgiven by his party in the following year, but not until the opposition, provoked by the retention of his position under Tyler, had ruined whatever This case grew out of the Canadian rebellion of 1837. retention or reabsorption of chlorides in the tissues. Talent retention programs can bring significant savings to a company. Rubber mulch is said to provide better moisture retention. In order to acquire the knowledge of the true and primary principles of scientific knowledge, and especially the intelligence of the universal essence of the subject, which is always true, the process of knowledge consists of (I) sense (a'lcO o s), which receives the essence as individual, (2) memory (uvi j), which is a retention of sensible impression, (3) experience (cµirecpia),which consists of a number of similar memories, (4) induction (brayw-y), which infers the universal as a fact (TO iTC), (5) intellect (vas), which apprehends the principle (apxit); because it is a true apprehension that the universal induced is the very essence and formal cause of the subject: thereupon, scientific syllogism (i rcnf µovucos vvXXoycvµos), making the definition (opeg ios) of this essence the middle term (TO, c Vov), becomes a demonstration (6.7rOSee es) of the consequences which follow from the essence in the conclusion. A retention schedule tells us: How long records are needed. At length, in April 1653, a "bill for a new representation" was discussed, which provided for the retention of their seats by the existing members without re-election, so that they would also be the sole judges of the eligibility of the rest. The retention of medial f which in Latin became b; 2. The desirability of this punishment, by and large, depends on the nature of the crime and the circumstances associated therewith. Clanvow's retention by the Crown brought him a variety of employments. The decrease in sodium reabsorption by the renal tubules will be accompanied by decreased chloride and water, 30. The needs of the central government lead to its retention of the more profitable modes of procuring revenue. The only other types that merit notice are: (1) the Mozarabic Breviary, once in use throughout all Spain, but now confined to a single foundation at Toledo; it is remarkable for the number and length of its hymns, and for the fact that the majority of its collects are addressed to God the Son; (2) the Ambrosian, now confined to Milan, where it owes its retention to the attachment of the clergy and people to their traditionary rites, which they derive from St Ambrose (see Liturgy). Once the statutory retention maximum time frame has passed, you can destroy them as you see fit. customer retention definition: the fact of keeping a customer for a period of time: . Likewise, consumption of soft drinks will encourage fluid retention. Cell in process of karyokinetic division with retention of the nucleolus during the division. 19 examples: The study attempts to investigate which mode of delivery is more effective in… You can find my dataset in a csv format at the end of the article. The result in the vote against the development and for the, 28. She has gained a lot of weight recently, but the doctor says it is just water retention caused by a side effect of the medication she is on. in a sentence. As a surgeon, Simon's work came second to his interest in sanitary science, but he claimed priority over Cock in the operation of perineal puncture of the urethra in cases of retention from stricture. The Sudan at this time (c. 1862) is described by Sir Samuel Baker as utterly ruined by Egyptian methods of government and the retention of the country only to be accounted for by the traffic in slaves. in the better preservation of final and unaccented syllables and in the retention of the dual and the middle (passive) voice in verbs. Spicules of sponges and fragments of other organisms, such as molluscs, polyzoa, foraminifera and brachiopods, often occur in flint, and may be partly or wholly silicified with retention of their original structure. self-employed non-principals become more realistic, this will only help the current recruitment and retention problem for all GPs. The use of artistic elaboration appeared advantageous with the longer retention interval of one week. tricuspid valve stenosis include enlargement of the liver, water retention in lower limbs and abdomen. call-up of reservists brings new problems for recruiting and retention to these hard pressed areas. 2. It contains less than 200 species, chiefly parasitic on or in algae and other water-plants or animals, of various kinds, or in other fungi, seedlings, pollen and higher plants. employeel improve recruitment and retention, and employe relations. Strong evidence indicates that at-risk students need remedial intervention, not simply more time or the repetition of material that retention provides. Diuretics increase urination and can help with water retention. Retention Payment means the occurrence of an event of default of a Clearing Member (as this term is defined in the Clearing Rules, hereafter a "Default of a Clearing Member") or a default of a Trading Member (which will be deemed to occur following the occurrence of one of the events listed in paragraph 2802/11 of the Exchange Rules, hereafter a "Default of a Trading Member"); of safety lay in their retention of office. These effects include: persistent gains in achievement test scores, fewer occurrences of grade retention, and less placement in special education programs. Used to treat kidney stones and to relieve fluid retention and swelling. Customer retention is an outcome that is the result of several different antecedents as described below. 4. patents-wipo. In today's Army, the family plays a major role in recruiting, retention, readiness and quality of life. However, retention of a course found to … The skilful manoeuvres of the French, whether due to Louis' own generalship or that of his advisers, resulted in the speedy capture of Ghent and Ypres (March), and the retention of the prizes in the usual war of posts which followed. The Agent operates with a set of parameters defined by the data retention policy of the firm. Many people with heart problems suffer from fluid, 10. Synonyms for retention include custody, maintenance, preservation, retaining, confinement, detainment, detention, holding, reservation and withholding. Examples of student retention in a sentence, how to use it. A feature of the language which distinguishes it from all other members of the group, and appears to be of even higher antiquity than the word-forms above mentioned, is the retention of a suffix article - e.g. Moreover, park-cattle display evidence of their descent from dark-coloured breeds by the retention of red or black ears and brown or black muzzles. 2. Because the weight loss product seemed fake and pretentious to me, I decided to buy an alternative item. Any comparison of the treatment of biblical figures or events in the later literature will illustrate the retention of certain old details, the appearance of new ones, and an organic connexion which is everywhere in accordance with contemporary thought and teaching. Fluid and electrolyte disturbance - sodium and water retention, hypertension, potassium loss, hypokalaemic alkalosis, edema. 12 examples: This is a modern substitute for employee retention. The medicinal properties of burdock root also include reducing blood glucose levels and water retention. 195+3 sentence examples: 1. The Caridea or true prawns and shrimps appear later, in the Upper Jurassic, some of them presenting primitive characteristics in the retention of swimming exopodites on the walking-legs. Retention in school is also called grade retention, being held back, or repeating a grade. 3. In his book entitled Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, author John Ratey discusses the connection between exercise, learning and memory retention. You are the master of your own analysis! Alexander, Karl L., et al. 6, 1435), at which the English were offered peace and the retention of Normandy and Guienne if they would evacuate Paris and the rest of France. Medical Definition of retention. Grade retention has become increasingly controversial as early 2000s education initiatives such as No Child Left Behind have pressed schools to meet certain standards defined by scores on standardized tests. Fennel seed has diuretic properties that aid in relieving fluid retention and in the elimination of toxins from the system through the urine. The more conservative temper of the Anglican and Lutheran communions, however, suffered the retention of such processions as did not conflict with the reformed doctrines, though even in these Churches they met with opposition and tended after a while to fall into disuse. Verbs for retention include retain, retained, retainest, retaineth, retaining and retains. 🔊 Sarah obviously does not have a retentive memory because she … They insisted on the retention of the camp at Drissa, according to Pfuel's plan, but on changing the movements of the other armies. The foregoing analysis clearly indicates that neither retention nor abolition of death sentence can be justified in absolute terms. Five days later the representatives of the elected delegates had an interview in London with the colonial secretary, the duke of Newcastle, who informed them that it was now too late to discuss the question of the retention of British rule. 17), the use of leaven in sacrifices (25a), the retention of the sacrifice until the morning (25b), 5 and the seething of a kid in its mother's milk (26b); and en j oins the observance of the three annual feasts and the Sabbath (18a, 21-23), and the dedication of the first-born (19, 20, derived from xiii. Practice good study techniques to increase your retention of test material. Cardiovascular status Hypertension may be a primary problem, secondary to chronic salt and water retention or to excess renin production. He had, it is true, been unable to prevent the retention of the grand-duchy of Warsaw by Alexander of Russia; but with the aid of Great Britain and France (secret treaty of January 3, 1815) he had frustrated the efforts of Prussia to absorb the whole of Saxony, Bavaria was forced to disgorge the territories gained for her by Napoleon at Austria's expense, Illyria and Dalmatia were regained, and Lombardy was added to Venetia to constitute a kingdom under the Habsburg crown; while in the whole Italian peninsula French was replaced by Austrian influence. Minimal change disease is a form of nephrotic syndrome seen in children, characterized by swelling and weight (from fluid retention), foamy urine, and loss of appetite. Make arrangements to store all business records in a manner that is in compliance with federal and state records retention requirements so that you can access them is needed. The retention list of example sentences with retention. Retention of title clauses are not appropriate if your goods are to be processed or incorporated into something else. The act of retaining or the condition of being retained. Retention of clients or money is the process of ensuring that a policyholder remains a customer of the insurer or that money to be paid out remains in the insurer's accounts. 🔊. The retention of their independence must take the first place. In addition, retention of strong athletes allows the school to build teams of older, bigger athletes. It allows both the employer and employee to find a fit not just on capabilities but also on the culture which amounts to higher job satisfaction and greater employee retention. Menabrea disavowed Garibaldi and instituted judicial proceedings against him; but in negotiations with the French government he protested against the retention of the temporal power by the pope and insisted on the Italian right of interference in Rome. 3. 🔊 With my retentive mind, I can easily remember important historical dates. His reward was Lusatia and certain other additions of territory; the retention by his son Augustus of the archbishopric of Magdeburg; and some concessions with regard to the edict of restitution. 2. frequented by sea-birds, whence come the guano deposits, the retention of ammonia and other fertilizing properties being due to the absence of rain. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The finer the particles the greater their surface tension and the more their moisture retention levels and vise versa. We’re nearly at full dome retention… 195+3 sentence examples: 1. Examples of Pretentious in a sentence. urogenital tract Rare: urinary retention, urinary incontinence. Synonym Discussion of retain. A paper system should still be used for the, 29. The Mecaptera, with their predominantly longitudinal wing-nervuration, serve as a link between the Neuroptera and the Trichoptera, their retention of small cerci being an archaic character which stamps them as synthetic in type, but does not necessarily remove them from orders which agree with them in most points of structure but which have lost the cerci. Research suggests that social promotion and grade retention are not educationally effective policies. He strongly opposed the evacuation of Egypt; he insisted upon the exclusive control by Great Britain of the Upper Nile Valley, and also upon the retention of Uganda. In Locke we find, with a retention of certain antievolutionist ideas, a marked tendency to this mode of viewing the world. Filter. Feelings of time always forward,never weak retention eyes. xviii., xxxiii. The " Instrument " drawn up by the Lower Estates implied the retention of all their rights; and the king, in accepting the gift of a hereditary crown, did not repudiate the implied inviolability of the privileges of the donors. effective customer retention strategy is central to the success of any business. In this year began the " Tariff Reform " movement initiated by Mr Joseph Chamberlain, but Free Trade retained a strong hold on the British electorate, and the return of the overwhelming Radical majority to parliament in 1906 involved its retention under the fiscal policy of that party.

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