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selling postcards 5 golden rules

LinkedIn has proven to be a powerful tool for businesses that want to build connections, nurture relationships, and encourage conversions. Sales effectiveness. 3. With subjects such as children and glamour, the postcard artist is an important factor in assessing a card's value. The following are commonly used postcard grading terms, accepted by dealers and collectors alike, that are used to described the condition of old, antique and vintage items: Mint: A perfect card which is just as it was when it was issued. I have also been an eBay seller since the mid 1990s, and boy have things changed. 4. The first thing to do is to determine the approximate age of the cards, as the vast majority of cards issued after the 1960s have very little value. Reading time: 4 mins Share this post. SALES. Yes, eBay has changed a lot and become a very expensive venue for selling most postcards. Selling to anyone is tough. 5 golden rules of successful selling. I have thought about trying to sell them on Etsy for people doing craft projects. Superb Detail: An art nouveau style postcard from the 'Roma' set by prolific postcard artist Raphael Kirchner (1876-1917). 1. Why listening to the customer is a fundamental ingredient of a closed deal. He loves selling postcards and he is excited to go from two hours a night to 12 hours a day work. What is the least expensive, yet preferred way to pack and ship post cards? Would a person who collects train topicals, for example, buy foreign cards with trains as well, or if they collect American cards would they generally stick to American cards only? If you suspect your card or your postcard collection carries a lot of value, it's always a good idea to have it professionally appraised. If you intend to sell it, this will help you obtain a fair price. Marketing 4 Golden Rules Of Marketing That Will Never Change Forget about following trends. I really appreciate it. Who knows? The same is true for cards emanating from areas where native usage was small, such as some of the Pacific Ocean islands. For buyers and sellers: When you acquire a huge stash of unsorted cards, what system do you use to separate your cards as you go through them... by location? I think it is the most professional way to ship postcards. Note any special details on the postmark that makes it different from a regular mark. A clean and fresh card with sharp corners, seldom seen and a description which is not normally applicable to vintage cards. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Yet, some guy selling Chinese made Iphone chargers with a feedback rating of 50,000 just has to drop his charger in an envelope, while sellers of ephemera and one-of-a-kind items like us, take 10 times as long photographing each individual item. In viewing your current listings I noticed you don't have any postcards for sale. Like you, I have been selling on ebay for many years and just recently, due accepting a consignment job of selling someone else's hoard of postcards, starting to venture out with the idea on selling them for myself. I am going to run the postcards twice, and if they don't sell, I will let them sit in Good Till Cancelled (Buy it Now) for a while and see what happens. In many cases, it has become a key differentiator. They did not even have stores when I was here before, so I thought long and hard about whether or not to open a store. There is a new set of rules for effective selling, but they have their roots in old-school tactics. As new, unposted and in a pristine state, without bends, creases, writing or postmarks. Building a first-class sales team is neither easy nor cheap — just ask the dozens of local startups that have folded or cut their sales teams over the last year. I think you just sort of have to be at the right place, at the right time. Printed and coloured topographical cards: These were produced on a printing press and lack the definition of the real photographic card. Sounds like fun! I sold a few antique radios and had to ship them to Europe and the far east. By card type? He will also try to vend his postcards at the postcard shows and see how it will go. Poor (P): An incomplete postcard which shows an image that has been seriously affected. I add more during free promotions. We currently provide a postcard valuation service free of charge. If you are planning to insure a collection, this postcard grading guide could help you gain a better understanding of the value that needs to be placed on it. I have looked at hundreds of ended auctions and haven't really made a correlation here. I've received cards in bubble envelopes and stiff cardboard mailers as well. Collectors like to assemble a record of a geographical area, whether it be where they live or where they were born. Age is one factor, but there are many other things that add to a card's collectability. To avoid any future shocks, you should hedge your risk by not putting all eggs in one basket or concentrate stock portfolio. Which types of cards tend to be reproduced or 'faked?'. I store all of the rest of my cards by Topic - such as Ethnic, Advertising, Transportation, Military, Comic etc. 9. You're quite welcome Ron. If you'll be selling the postcard, this will help you get a fair price. CATEGORIES. However, occasionally we encounter a card with a desirable postmark, such as those mailed in advance for delivery on Christmas day, in Edwardian times. So, which cards do have value? I also wanted people to be able to search through my items. A close-up of a steam lorry or an early omnibus in a town can be worth £40 to £70. But enough of my reminiscing. it is hard for me to stay under 500 listings. Just trying to see what strategies people use to try and streamline the process since it takes so much time to deal with postcards. Give support, share information, and connect with fellow members. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Flipboard 0. Advice, Tips, and Tricks. Knowing this takes expert knowledge, which is why it is essential to have your postcards professionally assessed by a valuer who has a detailed understanding of both postcards and philately. May 23, 2014 — 4.57pm. Feedback policies. Rules and policies for buyers. Practicing the golden rule in selling simply means that you sell to other people the way you would like to be sold to. We would like to offer you a recent eBook with 5 golden rules of successful selling that can help you boost your sales and better engage with customers. Do you have a preferred system or methodology to which cards are posted auction-style and which are store posted?I have been away from eBay for a while, and have just recently returned. The card may have writing and/or postmarks on the front or back (address) side or other noticeable album marks or discolouration. Even then, assessing the value of a postcard collection can be a timely process. Well, yes and no. Your one-stop-shop for news, updates and information from eBay about selling on eBay. But, it just looks so good. And also, who are the one or two ebay sellers that immediately come to mind. I buy postcards that relate to a specific town and I will buy any postcard in any shape, although I expect the price to be lower on a "damaged" card. I store Greetings and Holidays separately; either by the Holiday, Birthday, or General Greetings. Whilst postcard grading is a subjective area, cards which are worn, damaged or dirty tend to be less desirable. Please send us an email or call 01926 499031 to book an appointment. It cost around .60 per card. Perhaps an obvious point, but one that is easily overlooked in the modern world of slick marketing and the hunt for the lowest quote. Most collectible cards are in this Very Good condition and should be worth about 20-25% less than an Excellent postcard. It's certainly a lot to think about. The latest round of fee increases has made me rethink my customary strategy of trying to build as much inventory in my store as possible. Postcard collectors are roughly divided into 2 camps; Topographical postcards and those depicting social history are by far the most important collecting area in the UK. I know there is no definitive answer for this. 1. 10 Golden Rules of Smart Selling Rule 1: Understand selling is an art and a science Sales don’t happen by accident Sales can be planned More sales activity will lead to more sales There is a process to selling To sell effectively you need management and people skills for your business, staff and customers Such cards are more common than real photographic ones and command substantially reduced values. I'm just trying to be as efficient as possible. Size also helps as cards larger than 5" x 3" were only popular in this country from the 1960s onwards. yes! Questions to both, buyers and sellers of postcards... **************************************************************************************** 1934 vappleton it was not until early next morning,when the last electrical connection had been repaired that TOM,weary but confident, gav the order: This is an open group. The practice of collecting postcards of all types is called "deltiology," and those who collect consider the years from 1900 to 1920 to be the golden years of postcards. I'm just trying to be as efficient as possible.I store my Views by state. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I ship my cards in a soft sleeve - inside of a hard rigid toploader - inside of a clay-coated no bend mailer with a pull tab. These days you’ll generally do much better selling rare or valuable airline postcards on eBay. In the lot I just acquired, some have tears or rips, some have scratches, some have flaked-off ink, some are faded due to improper storage, some have all corners bent or torn or completely removed due to being carelessly pulled from a scrapbook with photo corners. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. Well-animated types, with children playing in a village centre or an early motorcar close-up, can sell for £15 to £30 each. $2.99 + $1.65 shipping .

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